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Ralph Fragola, owner of of Rolivia Inc., Importers of Fine Italian Wines, would like to introduce you to their selection of fine wines and spirits.
Offering the product lines from some of Italy’s star producers located throughout Italy, Sensi (Tuscany), Villa Cornaro (Veneto), Nicosia (Sicily) and Balbi Soprani (Piedmont), today Rolivia stands as a premier supplier of Italian wines nationwide.

Operating since 1998, Rolivia is also at the forefront of beverage distribution here in Massachusetts, providing wines and spirits from around the globe: Italy, France, Chile, Argentina, California, and Mexico. As a result, you can now find products from the Rolivia portfolio on New England's best wine lists and liquor store shelves.

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Penicillin cures, but wine makes people happy....
Alexander Fleming
A bottle of good wine, like a good act, shines ever in the retrospect....
Robert Louis Stevenson
Beer is made by men, wine by God!...
Martin Luther
Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, make the sage folic, and the serious smile....