Wine Importer and Distributor

When Ralph Fragola, the owner of Rolivia, Inc., Lawrence, Massachusetts, decided to become a wine importer and distributor, some people warned him that he would never be able to compete with the big players in the marketplace. They didn’t understand the depth of desire to share his passion for wine. “Wines should not be just for the wealthy,” he says.

Growing up in Italy and frequenting the Tuscan and Veneto regions made Ralph’s transition into the wine business a natural move.

Ralph was instrumental in developing a joint venture with the landlord producers of the finest wineries in regions throughout Italy including Sensi, Villa Cornaro, iL Portone, Balbi Soprani, Bosco, Casajuana, Cherri, DeGregorio and Makihuan. We also carry liqueur from Petrone and Amaretto Villa Vittoria.

Rolivia Wine Importer and Distributor